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Our Judo program is for someone just starting their martial arts journey or a seasoned black belt, we have something for all levels and skill sets. Our program is designed by our black belt instructor who commits to providing you with high-level instruction as well as passing on the wonderful traditions of Judo. Our program is the perfect blend of mixing the martial art with what is also an Olympic Recognized sport


A quote from the founder of Judo


“Before and after practicing Judo or engaging in a match, opponents bow to each other. Bowing is an expression of gratitude and respect. In effect, you are thanking your opponent for giving you the opportunity to improve your technique.”


- Jigoro Kano

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Our BJJ program is structured so a beginner can learn as well as an advanced student. We have a curriculum designed for all levels that will be clear and concise, only showing you techniques that have been efficient at the highest levels.

BJJ is mostly a ground-focused art but we will implement strong stand-up skills using our Judo.

Professor Rodrigo Alves, an Alliance 3rd Degree black belt and owner of Alliance BJJ Ottawa will oversee our BJJ program to ensure the highest quality. 


Our Kickboxing program is fun and energetic it is fast-paced but should always be done at your own pace. Kickboxing is one of the best calorie-burning activities you can be part of and is a great full-body workout. Although this program is fitness-focused, we will not neglect proper technique. 

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